And the Dog Barks On…


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Eric’s not where he was, not who he was; but after years of recovery he’s finally back out in the world.

But as he’s reaching out to new people for the first time in years, even making new “friends“, he remembers – aren’t people always the problem? Eric is soon aghast, perplexed, and LOST in a sea of”modern” people: e-people, gamesters, the simply weird, the duplicitous, liars, thieves, hustlers, the cheats of the modern world… and he’s appalled


But despite them all, Eric’s gonna move forward… ain’t no stopping him now…

This is the story of starting modern American life over, as a 21st Century Adult Fairy Tale begins… again.


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  1. I have read and loved all of E. P. Lee’s books, but this one is my favorite to date. It is a departure from his previous books in that he doesn’t go back in time and repeat stories about the situations and people that led up to Eric’s present moment in time. By reading any one of his prior books, the reader learns about Eric’s background and understands how he came to be at the starting point of that particular book. This book refers only tangentially to some of the people and events that shaped his life. Writing with an increasingly refined style, E.P. Lee has Eric focused primarily on the present and moving his life forward unfettered by people and events from the.past. His needs for love and comfort, for a relationship with warmth and intimacy, will resonate with every gender and sexual orientation. And his journey to find such a relationship is filled with emotions ranging from extreme loneliness and sadness to extreme hilarity. You will definitely laugh, you may cry a little, but you will always enjoy Eric’s journey. And although Freud is never the focus of the book, his importance to Eric and place as Eric’s anchor are ever present. Kudos to the author for writing this wonderful book!

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