And the Puppy Howls No Longer


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Eric’s in recovery and the puppy is housebroken; it howls, yowls, and whines no longer, which is more than can be said for the rest of Eric’s self-made family.
Post-surgery, Eric is healing, mourning, and learning to walk, see, and be again – he’s back in the land of the living, and the living drive him nuts. Friends, family… the Ex. While he was out of it, they’ve been odd at best, self-centered, ego-centric, selfish maniacs at worst. But that’s family…

And Eric has to push forward. Sell his home, heal his wounds, and move on with his life – wherever it heads next.

“And the Puppy Howls No Longer” continues the story of getting back up after being hit by everything modern American life can throw.



“Sometimes you just get the right book at the right moment and this was it for me…”

“A second good book from this Author.”

“A must own book in this era.”



“This story feels very of its time…”

“Wow, second book is even more special than the first… Fantastic piece of writing…”

I liked this.”



1 review for And the Puppy Howls No Longer

  1. Here’s the thing: I like experimental writing but I know it’s an acquired taste. No one else has written about And The Puppy Howls No Longer and talked about the way the author writes in this strange stream of consciousness style where ideas dribble out, get repeated, regrafted. I really got swept along by it and I know not everyone will but it’s a refreshingly different way to tell a story. There’s no big thing of this made in the blurb either so I guess the author is just trying to tell a story but if this was from a big publisher they would be all over the prose, with quotes from all sorts of avant garde writers. Just an opinion. You see what you think…

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