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Three books, one story… the Whole story so far…

When Eric’s life fell apart, he bought a puppy. Now, collected together, read the acclaimed first three books in Eric’s journey, a journey to pick himself back up, a trip through 21st Century America where lives blend in confusion, loss, death, and renewal…

One by one, Eric had lost everything: his lover Mitch, his man’s-best-friend Ziggy, his health – hell, Eric himself was dead on a table for a while there – so, gonno, one by one, until he had nothing left but his house in Miami and the memories that haunt it. And so, first, a new, yowling, howling puppy, and next, standing up, and finally, forward.

This is the story of being hit by everything modern American life can throw at you, and then… who, and what, comes next.



“I have read EP LEEs books before and I will read them again. This is a real good intro to him.”
LIAM / 5*****

“I was quite touched by these stories, all of which are linked, and which draw out the pain of loss and the reinstatement of a new ‘norm’.

The author takes his story — make no mistake, these three books are all one story —and twists it into different forms, much like the shape shifting that goes on among us as a community. 

It is a clever trick and a fine way of looking at a story from different angles.”

WILLIAM / 5*****



“Very good. What a clever collection of books to read.” — DILLAN / 5*****

“I like this guy. He writes good books.” — ELBI / 5*****

“Great Stuff. You don’t buy books because they are good value but sometimes it has to be said that a book, or in this case BOOKS, are worth every cent.” — ABBIE / 5*****



  1. This series captured my attention from the first page. The books follow the journey of the main character, Eric, through great success, illness, love, loss, grief and so much more. These books are dark, especially the first, but there are also passages that made me laugh out loud. Though his former successful life and good health are turned upside down, Eric does not give in. He won’t be a victim. He never loses sight of who he is and what he wants and he works hard to make things happen for himself. There is some repetition from one book to the next, but each repetition adds something new or different to enhance the reader’s understanding of Eric as a person and add richness and dimension to the character. I found myself not only feeling compassion for Eric but also admiration for his drive to keep going, his refusal to consider himself “disabled,” his irreverent sense of humor… The author changes from an almost stream of consciousness writing style in the first book to a smoother narrative style by the third book. And this fits with the overall theme, as Eric learns to find ways to cope and move forward through all that life puts in his path. This is an excellent example of reality fiction and I highly recommend it as an interesting, thought-provoking read.

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