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for the first time in a long time, maybe forever, things are quiet in Eric’s world. The normal sounds of everyday life are everywhere, but there’s always something lurking in the background, always, like rats under the floorboards maybe…

Perhaps —

As Eric finds a moment of almost quiet, and peace, for himself, he peeks into the madness of others’ lives and digests all the the new forms, shapes, and content of current American families, Eric peeks at all these new, modern relationships, and the people that go into them: Eric stares at all the new norms abounding in America today — but who can say what makes a “norm” anymore?

Those “norms” just ain’t what they used to be, those: he, she, zir, hir, ze, those norms


And “normal” — what’s in a word, any word…

And these new norms for Eric: an ongoing relationship with a pretty woman, his beautiful house, his hard-earned security… it’s a sham, a sham. Whether anyone knows or not, this quiet, this security, that relationship, it’s all a sham. And Eric’s trapped in that sham.

But with Freud for company, that’s familiar, that’s normal…

As the Dog Barks On Some More…

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