An Open Letter to Senate Democratic Minority Leader Chuck Schumer

An Open Letter to Senate Democratic Minority Leader   Chuck Schumer


Dear Senator Schumer:

I am the “converted”, a lifelong Democrat

And I am appalled at the current condition of the Democratic Party. I’m not in the least bit bothered by the policy positions, stance, or the desire of the Democratic Party to right “wrongs” in society: individual inequality, Civil Rights, unfair taxation, failing infrastructure, poor education, Women’s rights, Abortion, Healthcare, mis-spent, poorly focused, Federal expenditures… and on, and on; no… none of that, I support it all: EQUALITY FOR ALL, I’m a lefty.

I get it, and I want a Democratic victory at the polls, and badly.

But it ain’t gonna happen in 2018, or 2020 either as long as the Democratic Party runs AGAINST the Republican Dark Side, and Trump, and not TOWARDS a cogent, BETTER, future that the vast majority of “CENTER” leaning Americans want for themselves, their children, and their grandchildren.

All of the current Democratic policy statements out there, the questions asked on your fundraising “solicitation” surveys, are geared towards satisfying the cries of the divergent INDIVIDUAL factional groups that are screaming the loudest under your big tent. But nothing is done to address the needs, and desires of the mostly quiet “center”, a “center” that is “quiet” until it votes Republican.

That quiet “center” votes Republican in most elections that control local politics nationwide today: school boards, local councils, small-town Mayors, some 67% of the State Houses, and Governorships are REPUBLICAN, and as these entities control the daily interactions of local life, they weave a very tight Republican web of nationwide control. Those same voters, that great American “center” Caucasian majority (some 76% of the American population if the Caucasian Hispanic segment is included, and I believe it’s some 61% of America if the Hispanics are omitted), hunger daily for personal safety, and economic security for themselves, and for their families.

The Republicans get it, and play to those personal security, and economic concerns and desires constantly, and they win election, after election, after election; they win, and they win, and they win!

The quiet Caucasian “Center” does not care about DACA, only the Democratic Fringe fanatics do; I support the Dreamers (sic) and an immigration policy in general where families are re-united, but I support neither at the cost of a Democratic VICTORY in 2018 and beyond; shut the government down over DACA, I think not!


The Dreamers are not American citizens. Whether dispensation for their unique, and special, circumstances should be made, or NOT, right or wrong, how can you, Nancy Pelosi, and the Democratic Party, SHUT DOWN the Government to change a heinous policy not effecting legitimate citizens, and deny those same “Legitimate American Citizens” their due as CITIZENS.

Sorry, the morality of the issue is on your side, but the focus on DACA is off base, regardless of the “right” of the position.

And this happens on issue after issue with the Democratic Party from minority gay (transgender) rights, to police brutality, to issues of civil liberties, civil rights, Women’s Rights, and abortion

“The Economy, Stupid…”, that’s what got Bill Clinton elected in 1992, and that’s what got Donald Trump elected in 2016… and the new Tax bill of 2017 may get Trump, and the Republicans elected again; as more money, weekly, in a working “center” person’s pocket, swings an election every time.

The slow changing “center” of America must be assured that it will be protected as society moves into the future. The Republican Party, and Donald Trump, are doing an excellent job of selling those promises of protection to a frightened “center”. And they do this as the Republican Party ARISTOCRACY concurrently rapes the Nation for their own personal gain, and destroys much of the societal protections established by the FDR Progressive Democrats of before in the process.

I’m sorry, but in my opinion the Democratic Party, you, and Congresswoman Pelosi are NOT leading the party to Victory currently. I see defeat ahead if the paths being walked are followed as per previous.

The Democratic Party must win back the support of the “center” of America to win elections, otherwise 2018, and 2020 are lost… and 2024 is far, far away. Me… I wouldn’t rely solely on demographic shifts in the population for electoral victory.

I wish you luck, and success in the future, but I see failure ahead.

 “Change you can believe in” … not all “change” is beneficial to all people; someone gains, someone loses… And it seems to the “Center” that the “Center” is losing as all “changes” taking place seem to benefit the Fanatical Fringes who are screaming the loudest for “change” to occur.

And the Republicans win victory after victory because of that perception.

“A Better Deal: Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Wages.”

You actually think that works effectively against “Make America Great Again”?


JFK was supposedly cautioned by his lead advisors against losing his Liberal Base as he moved towards the “Center” in his 1960 presidential campaign, and he purportedly replied something like:

“The Liberals, they have no place else to go…”

 And that’s an even stronger statement today … as the “Center” can go someplace else:


… and they do.

Good luck,

E. P. Lee

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