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Women Suck… Still…   Oh Boy. She’s screaming at me from the other room again. Screaming. I’ve made her angry, and when she gets angry with me, she gets irrational and won’t listen as I try to explain what I meant. She’s in the kitchen now muttering obscenities softy to herself, and periodically looking maniacally […]


NANCY, I WAS WRONG… Boy was I. And I have no problem with this apology, no problem at all. If ever an apology from me was deserved it’s this one. NANCY, YOU ROCK! You rule even. I am so impressed.

VOTE! You must…

VOTE! You must   I’m lost again. 100% clueless. Every so often, when I think I have perfect understanding of all that is going on around me, I get lost in a forest where everything looks like it’s supposed to, but it isn’t. The forest is suffering from ADR. ADR… It… “Ain’t Doing Right”… The […]


SNOWFLAKE ME… LIBTARD ME… Democrat Me…? I am a Snowflake, a Libtard, and I’m proud of it. PERIOD~! There’s no question about it in my mind, I believe in the words and meaning of the Declaration of Independence: “We the people” And as such I believe in equal rights for all people (including women), and […]

Kavanaugh and Women – Me Too… Women Suck!

   Kavanaugh and Women – Me Too… Women Suck!      I don’t get it… I’m clueless, 100% clueless, devoid of understanding this day am I… What don’t I understand, what don’t I get? The polls don’t mirror the disgust I feel at this moment in time, indeed they have gone the other way. Support […]

Women Suck… Still… Kind Of…

Women Suck… Still… Kind Of…   I’m still in deep caca, she won’t let it go. I still hold WOMEN 100% responsible for the Trump, and The Republican Dark Side victories of 2016 (and for ALL Republican Victories in the 16 years before that too). And even though she acknowledges all of my reasoning for […]

Women Suck… REDUX Finito…

Women Suck… REDUX Finito…    Well now… I’ve been grossly abused for a long while today, she hasn’t let go. The black cloud over her head just gets darker, and darker as the day goes by, and the thunder in her voice as she barks out her words of rebuttal echo in the living room […]

An Open Letter to Senate Democratic Minority Leader Chuck Schumer

An Open Letter to Senate Democratic Minority Leader   Chuck Schumer   Dear Senator Schumer: I am the “converted”, a lifelong Democrat… And I am appalled at the current condition of the Democratic Party. I’m not in the least bit bothered by the policy positions, stance, or the desire of the Democratic Party to right “wrongs” […]

women suck original

Women Suck!   It’s time for this one; but I’m gonna getz me in trouble. Trouble. Oh my. TROUBLE. WOMEN SUCK! … Oh my. Women Suck! It’s a given:     WOMEN SUCK!     They just suck. And for proof~ Anybody remember that Paris Hilton video that was all over the Internet some years ago?     Paris […]

Women Suck… Redux… Part II

Women Suck…      Redux… Part II My ears are still burning; it was touch and go for a bit back then. Damn was she pissed… DAMN~ But she’s stopped yelling at me now, and that’s a good thing. She seems over it, she still thinks I’m off base with my thoughts, with my stated comments. […]