Kavanaugh and Women — Me TOO… women suck!

Kavanaugh and Women –

Me Too…

Women Suck!


I don’t get it…

I’m clueless, 100% clueless, devoid of understanding this day am I…

What don’t I understand, what don’t I get?

The polls don’t mirror the disgust I feel at this moment in time, indeed they have gone the other way. Support for El Trumpo and the Republican Party in general is up, and support for the Democratic Party in general is down.

What don’t I understand…

It’s not the first time I’ve been nonplussed by the opinions of my fellow Americans, way not the first. But since this is America and difference of opinion is allowed and encouraged, at least it was as I was first educated and acculturated, I’m used to different and differing opinions. You have yours, I have mine, we express them, we agree, or we disagree, and then we vote our preferences and we move on with life until circumstances and time pass and we discuss our various positions and beliefs again as we move comfortably forward daily within our organized and legal society.

At least that was how it was done before.

And I admit it, I’m a proud Snowflake…   


A Libtard



I’ve always been that, and forever, ever since Tricky Dicky was Emperor and I became politically aware. I hated Nixon then in the same way I hate El Trumpo today. And for all of the same reasons, neither one of them stood for equality, inclusion, and fairness in American society ever.



Both always stood (and Trump stands proudly today), for white, male, privilege, and both acted as if they were above the law. Nixon of course acted that way while being somewhat humble as his wife only had a “Respectable Republican Cloth Coat”, while El Trumpo expands his privilege at the tax payers expense daily while his wife parades the world stage in a $51,500 Hermes coat.

Like I said I’m a Libtard.

I’ve always felt America should be inclusive, that equality reigns under the law, that all people, even women too, are equal, just like the Declaration of Independence said.

“We the people…”


(I at least include them in the gig, daily, where that 242-year old original document only related to the Caucasian, propertied, men of the moment who enacted it…)

Today I’m a proud inclusive Snowflake.


Me a Libtard

So I don’t get it today, I know my beliefs are on the correct side of history, but the general public doesn’t seem to agree with me. The reaction to the Kavanaugh nomination to the Supreme Court, to the man’s stated drinking habits…

(“I Like Beer…”)


… to his lack of a judicial, impartial, temperament to the questions about his qualifications to the office he seeks, to the way the Republican Establishment handled the lack of disclosure about his past positions on the policies, laws, and procedures that he will have to pass future judgement on, or his obfuscation, and what appears to be his lies about his personal recreational habits when he was young and in “Prep School”.

And perhaps that personal obfuscation is of no matter.

Kavanaugh’s actions with alcohol, and with teenage women of the same age back then may be of no consequence today at all as his, and his closest friends from way back then, memories may simply be “dulled” by the passage of time, just as his accuser, and her friends and supporters, memories may be heightened and refreshed by that same passage of time.

The classic:

“He said, She said…” conundrum…

A conundrum

“Boys will be boys after all…”

And I have a big problem with that

I find it inexcusable that Society will make such a gross allowance for the obfuscated, or otherwise, lack of judgement Caucasian pubescent youths will make, but Society will clamp down without mercy on pubescents of color who commit victimless crimes with light drug use.

It makes no sense to me that a victimless crime on the part of a minority male (or female) youth is marked and carried forward for life, while a crime against another human being (OK a “woman”), by a Caucasian pubescent is forgiven as “Boys will be Boys” and we shouldn’t ruin his life because of an overly erect pubescent, alcohol fueled, moment in time.

But what if the scenario was reversed somewhat and a male 18-year old youth was purported to be molested by a young member of the male clergy? Current history is awash with the multitude of scandals being EXHAUSTIVELY researched and evaluated in the name of common decency, regardless of the delay involved in reporting the actions.

It’s obvious that the delay in reporting an incident involving a privileged male Caucasian youth, on a female Caucasian youth of the same age, from the same time period, is treated differently by all of Society. That privileged Caucasian youth/Caucasian female thing seems to be of no merit to Society today as:

“Boys Will Be Boys”

America certainly seems to agree with that above statement as the current poll numbers seem to be stating that the Republicans and El Trumpo are right, and not only will they win this battle and seat Mr. Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court, but the Blue Wave throwing them all out of office may be stalled.

I wonder how many Women have stopped supporting the Democratic Party over this.

It can’t just be Caucasian men causing the current fall off in the polling numbers. It has to be women too, and a lot of them. But I’ve said this before, numerous times:


… as a societal political force, as a movement in politics to assert their own rights and protect themselves.

And it looks like they’re doing it again.

Women Suck!

Ah me…

Ah me… 

ah me

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