Boy was I.

And I have no problem with this apology, no problem at all. If ever an apology from me was deserved it’s this one.


You rule even.

I am so impressed.

It’s not often that I experience this kind of a turnabout in my opinions. Usually my takes on what’s gone down, what’s going on, what’s about to go down, have been borne out by the actual events that have occurred. All has played out just as I expected, and predicted it would. But not this time. I was 100% off base.


And happy am I.

Nancy, you rock.

You roll.

Nancy rules!

In the days since the sweeping Democratic Blue Wave of 2018 that she, despite loud shouts of:


… helped to orchestrate, and deliver, she has continued to skillfully attempt to do all she said she would do to protect the rights of the vulnerable individuals (all individuals, all ethnicities, (and women too)), in current society, and to maneuver the levers of power in their betterment while astutely stopping the hateful Trump in his media maneuvering tracks. I now think that Nancy understands the very essence of America, what has made America unique and “Great” to this date, as well as she understands how to manipulate the levers of power in Washington.


And The Donald (and the Republican Dark Side too), is stopped dead in his tracks by her machinations…



I couldn’t be more pleased.



It’s no wonder the Republican Party made her out to be such an evil “Bug-A-Boo” for so long, for so many years. Powerful women are evil to those God Fearing White Christian Republican Conservatives as:


“A woman’s place is in the home”

… and not wielding the Speaker’s Gavel in the House of Representatives and being second in the line of succession to the presidency if the unthinkable happens; both the president, and the vice president are dispatched.


But it can happen, and it has happened before, remember President Nixon’s resignation, and that of his vice president, Agnew, before that? Only then there was Gerald Ford’s ascension to the Presidency as for the first time ever, under the 25th Amendment to the Constitution, Gerald was appointed vice president on Agnew’s departure from office. So it can happen.

President Pelosi.

Oh my…

And as to that label of:


That label did not stick in 2018 amongst the general electorate, perhaps because women won elections everywhere around America then, and not within the Democratic Party House Caucus as at their first leadership meeting, despite long term rumblings of disquiet, and sometimes loud, opposition, Nancy was re-elected to the position of Democratic Leader, and then by a majority vote by the whole house, to the Speakership.

Yay Nancy!

And, me, I vociferously wanted her to resign from her leadership position in the Congress in early 2018 to deprive the Republican Party of that “Bug-A-Boo” label and not further impede a Democratic Party path to possible victory later that year. And Nancy said:


“I know what I’m doing, and I will win.”

And she did.

And she does.

And I am so pleased.

Nancy you “rock!”

You “rule”.

Go Girl…

You GO!


I was so wrong.


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