Democrat Me…?

I am a Snowflake, a Libtard, and I’m proud of it.


There’s no question about it in my mind, I believe in the words and meaning of the Declaration of Independence:

“We the people

And as such I believe in equal rights for all people (including women), and not just in America, but in the World.

But let’s keep this local like the weather, or politics. Let’s just stay with America for now, and here, in America, I believe in equality for all under the law, equal rights, and equal societal protections for all individuals of any ethnicity or religious, political, or cultural belief no matter what, so long as violence is not involved to get others to adhere to those individual beliefs.

As two great American’s of yore, one a great jurist, Oliver Wendell Holmes

… and the other a great comedian, Will Rogers



…purportedly spake so long ago:

“The freedom to swing your fist ends where my nose begins.”

And I believe in that statement, truly I do.

And I believe in Universal Health Care, Infrastructure Renewal, support for education with a common core under one flag, Civil Rights for all (including women), national support for climate, and other recognized disaster, repairs, fair taxation to support all of the above (and a viable National Defense (I may be a Libtard”, but I’m not a fool…)).

So I’m a Libtard”, a Snowflake”, and a proud one.

I have no regrets for any of my positions, ask me about any one issue and I’ll justify my beliefs on why I hold them without hesitation. That’s what we do in America, we discuss the issues of the day, form opinions, share them with our peers, and then vote for the people we think will most accurately represent the majority of those cherished, personal beliefs and work to implement them.

Like I said…


But am I a Democrat?





A Democra



I vote Democratic almost always, actually the only Republican I think I ever voted for was John Villette Lindsay on one of his multiple runs for Mayor of New York City when I was very, very young. And his Democratic opponent at the time was a real dork. It seemed like the right thing to do then, and it made me feel very politically sophisticated and open minded (sic).


But in statewide elections, and in all Federal, or Presidential Elections I have only voted Democratic: McGovern, Carter, Mondale, Dukakis, Clinton, Gore, Kerry, Obama, Clinton… I held my nose sometimes as I pulled the lever in the voting booth as I made my important choice for the county’s leadership for the next four years, but I voted Democratic as I felt that they best moved the majority of my closely held “LIBTARD/SNOWFLAKE” beliefs forward.

And when my chosen candidate lost, and they did, and often (see who won on the list above, only three), I went and lived my life successfully regardless of who was President or in control of Congress.

I went about my life on a daily basis going to work, being ill, putting gas in the car, going to dinner, having a beer at a bar after work to relax some days, going to the gym after work other days to stay somewhat healthy and work off that previously imbibed beer, some sex every now and then…

And life went on…

But was I a Democrat, a follower of the party, could I be labeled as such?


In the eyes of the Societal Record-Keepers I probably was as I had registered to vote that way, but was I?

When I was younger I identified with the Rooseveltian rhetoric (Eleanor’s and Franklyn’s), that the Democratic Party bandied about constantly. And who could argue with Democratic President JFK’s riff on:

My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.


But those core Democratic beliefs ebbed into the background over the passage of time as the cultural/sexual revolution unleashed in the roaring 1960’s created fear in Society and begat the Culture Wars. Fringe groups from African Americans, Homosexuals (and worse, the Trans), Native Americans, and any and all other groups of minority, religious, color or fringe status, all with age old grievances or agendas that had not been rectified or fulfilled by society to their satisfaction, rallied for support and took the Democratic Party’s mantle of a “common man’s” ideology moving forward and made it a hodgepodge of specific and individual demands that must be fulfilled at all costs, and without compromise, alienating the minority group’s non-believers in society, and many times, even me.

Even me

To parrot an old, old song:

“The Old Gray Mare Ain’t What She Used To Be…”


The Democratic Party ain’t what she used to be at all.

But what of the Republican Party?

The Republican Party, the political party that supported Abraham Lincoln, fostered and won the Civil War and was so reviled in the South, that part of America located below the Mason-Dixon Line, that no one with that Party label after their name could be elected to legislative office down there for close to 100 years

Dixiecrats (“Conservative Democrats”) rocked the power levers of the South back then.

And then in 1964 or so, JFK’s Democratic vice president successor upon his assassination, Lyndon Johnson (a Senator from Texas, a Dixiecrat, as Texas is well below the Mason-Dixon Line), signed into law the Civil Rights Act and the Solid REPUBLICAN South was slowly born into being.

And there it reigns today.


And so…

And so

And the present-day Republican Party anchored in the “Solid South” of America stands for what?

Why “Family Values” of course.

Good old “family values”… let’s all sing about the virtues of that “Old Gray” horse mentioned above.

Yea, the Republican’s sing of those “Family Values” in every campaign speech and advertisement for election to office

While meanwhile those same elected Republican leaders are convicted over, and over, and over again of grand theft, like taking money from their campaign funds to live lavishly, or tax larceny.

Or perhaps our Republican purveyors of “Family Values” moral piety are guilty of cheating on their wives, or paying for the abortions that their mistresses require (all great and substantial “Family Values” those)…

… and in general supporting all interpretations of any law on the books that will hold back or impede the progress of a person of difference, be they different because of the color of their skin, the religion they follow, or their choice of mate.

To the Republicans:

“Difference be damned, all is for me… I’m Caucasian, male, OLD, in power, and I plan on staying there.”

And much of America seems to agree, as they certainly vote that way to a great extent. Apparently much of America sees more of their beliefs in the cheating on their wives, stealing from public coffers, FAMILY VALUES oriented Republican Party than they do in the current Democratic Party.

And the Democratic Party doesn’t get it, not for a minute, they just do the “same-ole/same-ole”.

While the Republicans sing out:





The Democrats sing out:

“Me Too!”

When the Republicans cry out:

“Family Values…”

The Democrats cry out:

“Trans people can use any bathroom of their choice…”

And the Democrats lose local election after local election, and hence the country.

“Snowflake” that I am…

Meeeee, I vote for the fringes, the Democrats.





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