Boy was I.

And I have no problem with this apology, no problem at all. If ever an apology from me was deserved it’s this one.


You rule even.

I am so impressed.

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VOTE! You must…

You must


I’m lost again.

100% clueless.

Every so often, when I think I have perfect understanding of all that is going on around me, I get lost in a forest where everything looks like it’s supposed to, but it isn’t.

The forest is suffering from ADR.



“Ain’t Doing Right”…

The tree canopy is green, the tree bark brown, the ground beneath my feet dark and disheveled, the forest sounds of the birds, and the rustling noises of the leaves above abound, but there’s something wrong. Perhaps wood boring beetles are destroying the underlying substance, sucking out the lifeblood, of the individual trees, or there’s a fungus silently attacking the foliage above, whatever


Ain’t Doing Right.

And that’s what’s going on in American society today.




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Democrat Me…?

I am a Snowflake, a Libtard, and I’m proud of it.


There’s no question about it in my mind, I believe in the words and meaning of the Declaration of Independence:

“We the people

And as such I believe in equal rights for all people (including women), and not just in America, but in the World.

But let’s keep this local like the weather, or politics. Let’s just stay with America for now, and here, in America, I believe in equality for all under the law, equal rights, and equal societal protections for all individuals of any ethnicity or religious, political, or cultural belief no matter what, so long as violence is not involved to get others to adhere to those individual beliefs.

As two great American’s of yore, one a great jurist, Oliver Wendell Holmes

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Women Suck… Me Too! And The Winner Is…

Women Suck…

Me Too!

And The Winner Is…

Women Suck…

It’s a done deal.

And The Winner Is…

The Senators have spake their intent, all that’s left is the actual voting.

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Kavanaugh and Women – Me Too… Women Suck!


 Kavanaugh and Women –

Me Too…

Women Suck!


I don’t get it…

I’m clueless, 100% clueless, devoid of understanding this day am I…

What don’t I understand, what don’t I get?

The polls don’t mirror the disgust I feel at this moment in time, indeed they have gone the other way. Support for El Trumpo and the Republican Party in general is up, and support for the Democratic Party in general is down.

What don’t I understand…

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Women Suck… Still… Kind Of…

Women Suck…


Kind Of…


I’m still in deep caca, she won’t let it go.

I still hold WOMEN 100% responsible for the Trump, and The Republican Dark Side victories of 2016 (and for ALL Republican Victories in the 16 years before that too). And even though she acknowledges all of my reasoning for same, and nods her head in agreement when I mouth off statistics and state the recent political history supporting my claim, she huffs, and puffs away…

And points sharp objects at me threateningly often…


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Women Suck… REDUX Finito…

Women Suck…




Well now…

I’ve been grossly abused for a long while today, she hasn’t let go. The black cloud over her head just gets darker, and darker as the day goes by, and the thunder in her voice as she barks out her words of rebuttal echo in the living room and kitchen as they reverberate off the walls.

And reverberate they do, as she’s kind of loud just now… but it is all my fault as I’ve been pushing the window on this stuff relentlessly for weeks.




And I stand 100% firm with my bottom line conclusions.

Women Suck!

BUT… she’s got a point, women are only part of the reason that The Republican Dark Side triumphed in 2016 so totally.

And I know that.

Women are only a part…

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An Open Letter to Senate Democratic Minority Leader Chuck Schumer

An Open Letter to Senate Democratic Minority Leader   Chuck Schumer


Dear Senator Schumer:

I am the “converted”, a lifelong Democrat

And I am appalled at the current condition of the Democratic Party. I’m not in the least bit bothered by the policy positions, stance, or the desire of the Democratic Party to right “wrongs” in society: individual inequality, Civil Rights, unfair taxation, failing infrastructure, poor education, Women’s rights, Abortion, Healthcare, mis-spent, poorly focused, Federal expenditures… and on, and on; no… none of that, I support it all: EQUALITY FOR ALL, I’m a lefty.

I get it, and I want a Democratic victory at the polls, and badly.

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women suck original

Women Suck!


It’s time for this one; but I’m gonna getz me in trouble.


Oh my.



Oh my.

Women Suck!

It’s a given:






They just suck.

And for proof~

Anybody remember that Paris Hilton video that was all over the Internet some years ago?



Paris sucked big-time in that video, big-time, and she made a name for herself in the tabloid, and popular, “legitimate” media too. Straight through until today her infamous “name” endures.



And what of Kimmy K?

Kim sucked a big one on her Internet video road to fame she did, a big one. And with that videotaped sex act, Kim achieved incredible notoriety and popular stature.

But this ain’t an adult rated tome on sexual taste, patterns, style, or performance. Nope, I’m not going there now, or ever. Others can allude to the heavy breathing X-rated stuff; other people can say it all, and show those X-Rated videos (Internet and other). And they do, and they have, I just won’t.

All that pictorial “sex” stuff, like “sucking”, is ubiquitously displayed throughout history. People have been showing that stuff in drawings, paintings, daguerreotypes, photos, silent movies, 16MM movies, full length films, long and short videos, for ever and ever. Pictures and descriptions of women doing that deed, and all other kinds of sexual acts, go back to before Christ even; way, way back, way B.C. those things are, way.

From long ago there’s the:

Kama SutraAnd of course:







OK then…


It’s apparent then, “WOMEN SUCK!” throughout all of recorded history. And I’ve no further need to expound on it. I’m not going to use overt sexual descriptions to manipulate the context of my thoughts.



I’m above that.





…has been validated above.

But if I’m going to write about the topic” and it’s not a sexual thing per above, then what is it? I can’t say:


… and then refuse to elaborate on my meaning as I then deny the primary statement. And I can’t do that. I have to justify my statement, or this:

“brain blossom”




… has no merit, no raison d’être.



In common daily parlance:


… has other connotations beyond the physical act of a mouth on an object, or body part.


“You Suck!”… has morphed in common daily usage to:

“You be a bad person”.


“You be nasty”.





The phrase when spake that way has nothing to do with the physicality of a mouth on a body part. The phrase, as just a single word, or two:



“That Sucks!”






… has only to do with a situation being bad. There’s a “deplorable” circumstance occurring, we’re dealing with something disappointing, something negative, and very. But t’ain’t no mouth on a body part anywhere.

Complicated all of this.


But non-sexually I can easily expound on “sucking” women.





Women Suck!



Let me count the ways.


Repetitive Behavior

Women are creatures (don’t worry ladies, I think men, especially White Republican Men, and many White Democratic Men, are CRETINS), of repetitive behavior, habit even“Some” women make the same personal, and intellectual decisions, and do the same societal things, over, and over again much of the time, especially since the Culture Wars began, and way before as:

A: Women keep house.

B: Women clean house.

C: Women do laundry.


D: Women cook.

E: Women raise the children.

F: Women obey.

It’s a known fact that  “some” women are continuously subservient to the male leader of their personal eminent domain, and to the male Leader of the Pack that many of those eminent personal domains form.



And “some” women repeat those behaviors, and do those same things over, and over again until those behaviors become an unbreakable societal pattern like the those that exist in the Patriarchal Tribal societies of the Middle East.

And they repeat that behavior here in America.

“Repetitive behavior…”


Women Don’t Learn


This one is so obvious.


The 1960’s brought about the Pill, and with the Pill came a woman’s control over their own body. No more waiting for a man to put on, or not use, a condom. Take a pill daily and you, the woman, personally controlled whether you bred or not. Breeding, nee sex… was now completely under the control of the American female for the first time in history.


And that freedom led to the Sexual Revolution; and that Sexual Revolution led to Women’s LIB, Liberated Women, the Sexual Liberation Movement itself, and finally to the Culture Wars of the late 1960’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s, and now


But today, continued female personal “control” rests with:

Republican White Men.

After fifty years of fighting the Culture WARS all has been lost.

That Culture Wars have morphed in the last ten years, or so, into a White Republican MIDDLE AGED Male WAR ON WOMEN. A Republican war on a woman’s control of her own body. Individual control of a man’s body by men; that’s a Republican given, but since Republican patriarchal/hierarchical men want to control women, they have to control the woman’s body as well as their own.


Republican doctrine is:


… to Abortion.

And “NO!” to funding education on Women’s Health and Reproductive Rights“NO!” to Planned Parenthood.


And “NO!” to Equal Pay for equal work.

And “NO!” to Rape Prevention programs and awareness training.

And “NO!” to Rape Crime Enforcement as the onus is on the woman:

“She asked for it…”

And with all of this, it’s apparent to me, obvious even, that people without vaginas should not make the policies, and laws, that control the decisions, and lives, of people with Vaginas.

Yet “some” women still vote for these people.

It’s obvious to me, but not to “some” of the directly involved participants, so:

“Women don’t learn.


Women Don’t React

Another obvious one.


Look at the results of the 2016, and 2914 elections for the Governor, State Legislature, Local Council, the Federal House, Senate, and the Presidency in America. The Governors elected were overwhelmingly Republican, the local State Legislatures too. Even after the Democratic Party Blue Wave of 2018 there are still 27 Republican Governors today… 27!

And in all of those South, far West dust bowl, and Mid-West Republican RED declining economic opportunity and lifestyle states…

abortion, Planned Parenthood, funding for female reproductive education, VOTING RIGHTS, the rights of the individual, support for the poor, the disabled, all of the enacted “progressive” laws from the 1960’s have been relentlessly attacked, and rolled back. And women in those RED states vote for those WHITE, PATRIARCHAL, REPUBLICAN (CRETINS) MEN doing all of this damage…

over, and over, again. Just look at the above picture of the leaders of the House from 2016; do you see a woman anywhere amongst them, or a person of COLOR?

I think not.

Current patriarchal Republican Party societal beliefs abhor women, and Women’s Rights; and “some” women flock to them, and vote for them in droves. These in power Republican Patriarchal Reactionaries should never win elections to be empowered anywhere in America, and if:

“some women”

didn’t flock to, and vote for, these beacons of enlightened social policy, family values, and good governance, they couldn’t win.


They couldn’t.

But they do.

And often.


And again.


And by a lot.

So Women don’t react.

4: Women Are scared

Another one that’s obvious.


“Some” women have been taking care of the leasehold, keeping house, cleaning house, staying…

“neked and barefoot”

… in the kitchen cooking, and obeying their men for so long now that they’re afraid to branch out on their own to gain responsibility, and control, of, and for, themselves. Why should a woman make decisions on her own economic, healthcare, breeding status, or general wellbeing when all-powerful, knowledgeable, secure, prescient, WHITE REPUBLICAN MEN (all without vaginas), will willingly make all of those same decisions for them? And of course those same white, vagina-less persons, are completely secure in their knowledge of what the woman needs, and will lovingly provide all for them.

All, like:

Equal pay

Female health care education programs

Planned Parenthood advocacy, or help

Rape education, prevention, or legal protection



“ALL” will be provided; it’s been promised.

All will be provided.

But none of the above…

“Some” women let conservative REPUBLICAN White Male CRETINS (and it’s always the same Cretins, just with a more, and more strident, and restrictive, message each year), take care of them, over, and over again. These women say the same thing with their votes over, and over again too, year after year, time, after time. These women vote for these White, CRETIN, Republican Dudes over, and over, and over again.


And the results are OBVIOUS.


Just look at the elected officials of 2014, or worse 2016.

Women Suck.

Hillary should have been forewarned, aware, and ready to take action to counter the past behavior of “some” women in the 2016 election. Hillary’s campaign should have been aware, and forewarned that “some” women were not reacting to her campaign favorably, that “some women were not learning from the past, that “some” women were practicing:

“Repetitive Behavior”…

… and not learning, not reacting.

But no, so by “some” women Hillary was abandoned.



And Hillary lost, the Donald was elected and the Republican Dark Side took control of the land.


Women Suck.

Women suck.

Hoo Boy am I gonna get it.


Hoo boy.





Women Suck… Redux… Part II

Women Suck…



Part II

My ears are still burning; it was touch and go for a bit back then.

Damn was she pissed…


But she’s stopped yelling at me now, and that’s a good thing. She seems over it, she still thinks I’m off base with my thoughts, with my stated comments. She still says that I’m not placing the blame on the “real culprits” as she sees them (“White Men” who…

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WOMEN SUCK… it’s all their fault… Redux


it’s all their fault…


just got yelled at.…

And by someone who matters to me too…

And boy was she pissed.


She didn’t like me blaming the likes of her (Women), for the election of The Donald and the massive Republican electoral victories of 2016.

Nope, she didn’t like that at all… and she was exerting great effort, intellectually, and emotionally, to say it wasn’t so. She was crying out boldly in support of her positions to prove me wrong; and to vindicate her actions, and the actions of Women in general, in defeating The Donald and his vile, misogynist, cohorts.

She screamed at me:

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