VOTE! You must…

You must


I’m lost again.

100% clueless.

Every so often, when I think I have perfect understanding of all that is going on around me, I get lost in a forest where everything looks like it’s supposed to, but it isn’t.

The forest is suffering from ADR.



“Ain’t Doing Right”…

The tree canopy is green, the tree bark brown, the ground beneath my feet dark and disheveled, the forest sounds of the birds, and the rustling noises of the leaves above abound, but there’s something wrong. Perhaps wood boring beetles are destroying the underlying substance, sucking out the lifeblood, of the individual trees, or there’s a fungus silently attacking the foliage above, whatever


Ain’t Doing Right.

And that’s what’s going on in American society today.




It’s of no matter to me whether you’re a Republican, Tea Party person or Moderate, or a Democrat, Democratic Socialist or Centrist, none of that is of importance to me at all. Your opinion, your individual beliefs, the things you hold near and dear, the things you want to attain for yourself, for your family, for your vision of society, your vision of the future, that’s all fine with me, I don’t care “what” you believe.

I only care about one thing.

Only “one”…

And that is that you are 100% vested in the governmental and legal system we honor as a nation. This is America, all points of view are heard, and their expression, their belief, should be honored by all. I have no problem with any of that.

The Declaration of Independence states:

All men (and here I use “men” in a generic sense, not gender specific), are created equal…

And our Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, reinforce that dictum for all that reside in this land.

That Constitution also mandates the mechanisms of how we choose our leadership. That document specifies when we will vote, and thus empower, the leaders who will guide us, and create the “Laws of the Land” that we as members of the general populace will abide by as we go through daily life.


People, “Equal” people hoping for “change” in society, or “change” in the Laws, but not for “change” made by the autocratic decree of some on high, inviolate, untouchable, God anointed only, Potentate. “Change” that is created, societally fostered, legally protected, and majority approved through the regularly scheduled votes we cast as a nation.

Our Constitution mandates elections to our Federal Legislature every two years, and every four years to our Executive Branch. To foster change, one way or another, the individuals who make up society (regardless of their individual opinions and beliefs), vote for those candidates for office whose positions on the issues best mirror their individual beliefs and goals. And if enough people agree with one set of issues, one set of values, they elect leaders who can move in the direction of that mandate. Little is ever changed “all” at once, it’s usually an accrual over time.

And that is as it should be.

“Change” must come from the center, the majority of the American populace must support the programs that bind all of us, or the “change” will not hold. There must be some agreement, or the end result will be chaos.

Think of the Great Depression of 1929 and the Presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt 1932-1945 and the NIRA, National Industrial Recovery Act passed by a Democratic controlled Congress and decreed unconstitutional by a Republican appointed Supreme Court. And yet the underlying benefits of that Democratic Party led legislation begat the WPA (Works Progress Administration, or the 1935 Work Projects Administration), which aided workers, and ALL OF SOCIETY when there were breadlines, when individual survival was challenged, when all of society’s survival was at risk.

And then came Social Security.

And the majority of America accepted all, the NIRA, the WPA, and theSupreme Court’sdecision voiding the laws that the popularly elected officials had enacted. American Society moved forward into the future then, under the laws passed, and the laws undone.

And today Social Security stands as the law of the land, the “Worker”, the “employee”, has inviolate rights, and benefits, like Federal Holidays, and “disability benefits”, that they never had before, and Life…


Life for all people in American society moves forward under:

“commonly accepted law”.

And America moves steadily forward to the tune of “Merrily We Roll Along” (now Sing-Out everyone):

“Every two years we vote again,
Vote Again,
Vote Again…
Every two years…”


It’s “every two years” that we have the opportunity to affirm our current leaders, or vote them out.


“Every two years” we have the opportunity to vote for, or OUST, either the legislature, or the “whole enchilada”, the executive branch too.



But much of America does not do so.

And that’s sad…

That means that control of our society, our “essence”, is controlled by an active minority of participants. And that minority is usually only one vociferous, SCREAMING, fringe segment of the whole.

And then society is polarized.

There’s an old proverb that goes:


And where is the truth in that proverb better displayed than in the results of the 2016 Presidential election. The Republican Party won everything: the House, the Senate, the Presidency, the majority (2/3’s) of the State Legislatures and Governorships(cumulative), in the land.


And currently they’re feasting on it.

And so many people did not vote:

Millennials, women, minorities, so many, so, so many…

And why?

Because many people believe that all the political players, be they Democra or Republican, would govern the same way; that only the label would change, and nothing substantive would be altered.

But I beg to differ

There are differences, subtle sometimes, and major others, between the candidates, the party’s, and those differences matter to life, to “change”, or no “change”, in America.

We must vote at any one time for those candidates who MOST realize our personal vision of the America we want to live in. One candidate, one party,, is always better than the other candidate, no matter what.




A glass may be half empty, but that glass is still half full; at least you have something, some liquid, to drink. You may only get half a loaf of bread, but at least you have some bread; at least you have something to eat. And isn’t it true that when you get a whole loaf of bread, or a full glass of liquid, and then you make a sandwich, and you take a sip from the glass…


… you no longer have a “full loaf” then, or a “full glass”.

This is AMERICA…

You must exercise your legal right to VOTE!

You must make a choice!

The alternative is ADR…





You must…



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