WOMEN SUCK… Me Too… And The Winner Is…

Women Suck…

Me Too!

And The Winner Is…

Women Suck…

It’s a done deal.

And The Winner Is

The Senators have spake their intent, all that’s left is the actual voting.

The Five Jabronis:

… (sounds like a bad singing group from the 1950’s and in many ways they are), in question who might have derailed the nomination, Susan Collins (pictured above), Lisa Murkowski, Jeff Flake, Democrat Joe Manchin, and Democrat Heidi Heitkamp have all made their positions known. Heitkamp and Murkowski will vote “NO”, and the other three will vote “Yes!”


The bottom line is, Kavanaugh wins confirmation.

Victory is his; El Trumpo and the Republican Party TRIUMPH over the Democrats and America again.


And a senior woman Senator, a powerful woman in the Senate at that, the senior Senator from Maine now in her fourth term and gearing up to run for re-election to her fifth term, gave them this victory.

A woman did it…

She sucks!

I’ve been saying for years now, and documenting it time and time again, that it’s WOMEN who hand the Republican Party victory after victory at the polls. I hold WOMEN solely responsible for the victory in 2016 of:

Mr. “Grab ‘Em By The…” himself…

… and the defeat of Hillary.

I blame WOMEN, and I can, and I do, back up that claim of blame with statistic after statistic. And of course there is the readily apparent daily reality that the Republican Caucasian, overweight, middle aged and over, MALE dominated party has control of 69% of the State Houses in America and the Federal House of Representatives and Senate. These Republican Caucasian, overweight, middle aged and over, MALES dominate all of American Government.

Anyone want to see pictures of a House or Senate Republican Caucasian, overweight, middle aged and over, MALE Committee Chairman? There’s probably 100’s available, and there ain’t any women amongst them… here’s a couple of pictures for your purview:

Women have voted disproportionately for the candidates of the regressive Republican Party ever since the Culture Wars began in the 1960’s. Whether their votes were borne out of a rejection of the militant cries of their societal peers for Women’s Liberation, Women’s equal rights, sexual liberation, abortion rights, or whatever, they’ve continually voted that way. For the past 60 years, right up to the present day, women have supported BY MAJORITY VOTE (by over 4% in the 2016 Trumpian Debacle), the philandering, child molesting, wife beating, anti-abortion, anti-equal pay, female repressive, Republican Caucasian, overweight, middle aged and over, MALE power brokers who have dominated their lives since they were little girls sitting on Daddy’s knee.

It’s apparent…

And I back it all up.

Women SUCK

What don’t they get?

What don’t I get?

But this particular Kavanaugh victory, it really has no import. It matters not one whit. For if the scale had tipped another way, had Ms. Collins not “sucked the big one”, had Kavanaugh been defeated, El Trumpo would have just nominated someone else equally as regressive, biased, repulsive, and focused on the reigning Republican Neanderthal agenda, just not as personally heinous. 

But the results would be 100% the same.


And that’s the point. 

Women have put these Republican Caucasian, overweight, middle aged and over, MALES into power over, and over again, and presently in power they rule. They reign over our lives as our present-day society moves forward into the future. And they attempt to place everyone in society back into a pigeonholed “wonderful” past that truly never existed as they espouse it, a “fantasy” world where only they and their ilk prosper and control all. A “fantasy world” where most women, the different, the ethnic, the non-Caucasian, stay hidden in the background living obediently with less. Meanwhile the wives of the reigning Republican Power Barons stay home “nekid and barefoot” in the kitchen where they’re protected from harm by their real world cavorting male Caucasian overseers…

Never forget that our current Republican vice president, Mr. Mike Pence, refers to his wife as:



Yo… but that’s what seems to win elections, at least that’s what’s won here.


And for easy reference, just look at those Committee Chairmen pictures up top.


But why…

I keep wondering why?


How could the Democratic Party so misplay an issue of such societal import? How could the Democratic Party misplay an issue that seemed to be so cut and dried to me and to the polled majority of the populace at large? Kavanaugh was not liked in any of the tracking polls taken after his initial selection, nor was he supported in those same polls taken after the brouhaha that ensued over his performance at his confirmation hearings.

This should have been a rallying moment for the Democratic Party.

And it was not.

Instead it was a rallying moment for the Republican Party.  


And why?


Me Too


Apparently “boys will be boys” is an acceptable defense for bad conduct when you’re a Caucasian male teenager with an active libido, an erect member, and a penchant for “beer” at parties after school. Women in America seem to accept that behavior, certainly all men do.

And the phrase:

“Think of your daughter!”

… had, and has, no resonance to any of the players of import. No one paid an iota of attention to it. And for good reason apparently as the polls have swung towards the Regressive Republicans all week on the Generic Ballot choice for control of Congress.

The Blue Wave seems to be abating, it’s certainly lost its edge.

And El Trumpo’sMr. “Grab ‘Em By the Pussy” himself approval rating has increased to one of its highest points in time yet. 


I want to heave.

Perhaps this is genetic?

Perhaps this “women sucking” thing goes back to the days of primordial time when men were the hunters, the PROTECTORS, and women weren’t equal, or wearing camo, carrying guns, and leading Combat Missions in the Army.

Perhaps older women (and a lot of younger ones), want their present-day peers to go back to being WAC’s?

It certainly seems that way, they certainly vote that way.

I am so ill.

Ah me

Ah me

ah me




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