Women Suck… STILL… Kind Of…

Women Suck…


Kind Of…


I’m still in deep caca, she won’t let it go.

I still hold WOMEN 100% responsible for the Trump, and The Republican Dark Side victories of 2016 (and for ALL Republican Victories in the 16 years before that too). And even though she acknowledges all of my reasoning for same, and nods her head in agreement when I mouth off statistics and state the recent political history supporting my claim, she huffs, and puffs away…

And points sharp objects at me threateningly often…


It’s tense here.

But there has been some give and take on both our parts now, some play in her adamant position that it’s NOT the fault of Women, and some play in my position that other factors, and other PLAYERS were somewhat responsible too.

There’s this biggie; I claim that the leadership of the Democratic Party, and their failure to control, and unify, their core membership factions, and message, is largely responsible for where we are today. She sighed big-time in agreement there… I think I heard a quietly murmured:


First, I said that the Party factions from: Black Lives Matter, to the Hispanic Coalitions on Immigration, to the LGBTQ on Transgender Bathroom Rights, to Women’s Groups on issues of Late-term Abortion, or any other fractional Democratic group that screams out:

“What do we want:  


… make the middle of America, the quiet “Center”, the “Silent Majority” of yore, cringe.

Next, I said that the Democrats of the immediate past (and present) had no viable, unified message to counter the repeated messages of security, comfort, and stability that the Republican Dark Side has offered up to the quiet Center of America; year after year, after year.

Slogans do the Democrats spew out as the separate groups housed under their Big-Tent shout out their individual DEMANDS over, and over, and over again: Black Lives Matter, Save the Dreamers, Protect the Environment, Civil Rights, Civil Liberties, LGBT Rights (Teenage (and younger) Transgender Bathroom Rights), Women’s Rights, Abortion Rights, Equal Pay for Equal Work” and on, and on, and ON!

It’s a cacophony of constant political NOISE

A juggernaut of sound…

But all the quiet “Center” of America wants to hear about is reassurance on issues of personal and familial safety, personal and familial economic security, and societal stability

President Richard Nixon issued a cry for support to the “Silent Majority” of America on November 3, 1969 in a speech made during tumultuous times as issues of peace and war, civil rights, societal activism, the Sexual Revolution, Abortion, and Women’s Lib all gathered steam. In 1969, that nascent “silent majority” rallied for him; Tricky Dicky won a LANDSLIDE re-election victory in 1972 some three years later. The “Silent Majority” voted for Nixon back then, just as they voted for Donald Trump and The Dark Side Republican Party in 2016. Interviews by NPR (National Public Radio) conducted in Iowa at a Trump Rally in 2016 yielded these definitional insights from two attendees, a wife and husband, on who members of the “Silent Majority” were.

““The people that mind their own business, don’t depend on anyone else” said (the wife) … of Indianola, Iowa, when asked to describe the ‘silent majority’. [They] don’t expect anything from anybody, and they’re kind of quiet. They don’t go around bragging. They’re not activists.”

Her husband, … said:

 “They expect a dollar work for a dollar pay. They don’t want anything free, but they don’t want stuff taken away from them either.

And that’s happening to us out here in the cheap seats.”


In 2016, after eight years of the Obama, Democratic Party Slogan:

“Change you can believe in…”

… members of the Iowa “Silent Majority” … in the Center of America … wanted to go back to what they had before. And they, and THOUSANDS, upon THOUSANDS, of others like them, voted that way throughout the quiet Center of America in the Rust Belt of the Mid-West, and Pennsylvania.

And so went the election of 2016


So obviously Women didn’t do it all alone 2016, they had help from the “Silent Majority”

… and help from all of that Democratic noise

That juggernaut

Next I said that the screaming “Bernie Bros” (and all of the other Democratic Party fanatical others…), and their repeatedly shouted vitriol towards the Democratic Party Elite, and Hillary, cost Hillary the fervor she needed with the Democratic Party BASE faithful, lowering turnout…

All of that shouting, that ALL, or nothing at allattitude, that juggernaut of sound, netted lower party loyalist election day action, they didn’t vote…

And there went victory.

The noise in the Big-Tent of the Democratic Party does not abate today, it gets louder, and louder still. Just yesterday as I browsed CNN, I came across a screed against a proposed new snack-chip” for Women. A trailblazing new product was suggested by PepsiCo’s CEO on an arcane Radio Show. The Dude proposed a chip with less “CRUNCH” so that Women could indulge their penchant for those “snack-chips” demurely.

Later that day, the celebrity CNN TV news reporter Erin Burnett dished the conceit on the Anderson Cooper Show on CNN; next there was a print “Opinion” piece on the CNN News Feed website which pilloried the “proposed” new product conceit anon. The article is quoted below:

“We (women) don’t need to make less noise in public — we need to make more. We are loud, persistent and insistent on being heard.”

And further:

“With the winds of #MeToo at our backs and the midterms on the horizon, more and more women are waking up and recognizing that they’re not alone in experiencing unfair pay, sexual harassment and assault, or other kinds of discrimination including against immigrant women and families.”

And all of these elements: #METOO, unfair pay, sexual harassment, assault, discrimination against immigrant women and families, gender justice, racial justice, economic justice… emanate from the postulation of a poorly thought out, hypothetical, product presentation on an arcane radio show.

Back in Indianola, Iowa I think they probably rolled their eyes over this, and said:


Even here in Miami, as a card-carrying member of the Democratic Party, and a confirmed lefty who supports all of that stuff the CNN “Opinion” author does, I say:


The CNN “Opinion” author railed at these heinous WRONGS that must be addressed, COMPLETELY, with NO COMPROMISE, no negotiation; there should be 100% resolution of “all”, TODAY!

But to the “many” General Public in the Center of the land, that “Silent Majority” mentioned before, eyes are rolled upwards, and verbal wonderment is expressed at what all the fuss is about.


The Dark Side Republicans stay, on message year after year, after year; they never vary… and woefully, the mainstream “Center isn’t unhappy with Trump and his Dark Side Republican cohorts right now…

… what with the extra money of the 2017 tax-cuts in their pockets weekly, the overall improved economy, and the pending new Federal Budget monies to be spent on infrastructure, and domestic programs…

… life in America looks pretty good to them.

And if that continues…




And I’ve been saying that for almost a year now.

It’s all about the “Center”

What don’t the Democrats understand?

Just what…


But maybe, just maybe, I don’t have to worry about those sharp objects in her hand any longer. 


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