Women Suck



Oh Boy.

She’s screaming at me from the other room again.


I’ve made her angry, and when she gets angry with me, she gets irrational and won’t listen as I try to explain what I meant. She’s in the kitchen now muttering obscenities softy to herself, and periodically looking maniacally towards the family room where I’m sitting on the couch with the dog on my lap. She’s chopping vegetables at the centre island with a very large, and very sharp knife for a stew she’s going to whip up.


And she’s mad with me.


Just look at that knife go…  

Her anger is over the same stuff as before. You’d think she’d know where I’m coming from as we’ve already discussed this multiple times. OK, not “discussed”, as we’ve “fought” about this, stuff four, or five, or six, times before. But none of this is new, it’s been said by me before, and again, and again, and again. Let me repeat, none of this is new; it’s not “new” data, or a new discussion between us at all. IT’S NOT NEW! I’ve been 100% consistent on this and for years now.

I’ve never waffled on it once since I came out with it the first time. From day one, when I said my piece, I backed it up with statistics, numbers, and I stayed with it. And each, and every, time we go through this she gets pissed, and pissed, and more pissed at me, and then she hisses words at me through tightly clenched teeth and then she screams obscenities at me:


Not that shit again”

… and then she turns her back on me, and runs into any other room I’m not in. Usually she’s breathing heavy by then and cursing my existence under her breath. And I don’t care, as I’m right you know and the statistics today, the numbers, still bear me out 100%.


The numbers haven’t budged one iota since the first time I quoted them, and if I was wrong, those numbers would have jumped, and big time; and they haven’t. They haven’t moved one bit, and that’s sad. I’m gonna be brief here, as the statistics have all been put up before, they’re easily found, they’re common knowledge even, accepted as fact today; everyone in the “know” accepts them as true, and gives them nary a thought any longer. What people are still trying to do is understand why they’re true, and how to change the reality, make it not so, different. And they can’t. They can’t understand why women still do it, why women won’t change, why women won’t stop their aberrant, nasty, behavior.

Women suck.

And they have to stop or, nothing will change; nothing.

For all you pervs out there this isn’t about sex at all, not a bit. Who isn’t aware that life “sucks” sometimes, and the big one. As do all of the things we sometimes try to do, work, your job in general, relationships with family, or friends, or co-workers, or world events, and of course, politics; things just “suck”.






And women have to get with it, and stop sucking.

WOMEN SUCK as voters in America. It’s all their fault that we’re where we are as a nation today. It’s all their fault, 100%. If women didn’t vote for the Republican Party over, and over, and over, and over, and over again, and for TRUMP himself, they/he could never have won.



Indeed, if women had not voted for the misogynist Republican Party in the 1960’s as the Culture Wars began all of the issues we face as a nation today from women’s reproductive rights, to equal pay for equal work, to a host of other issues too long to list here now, would be in different places; all of which would be better for our society.


All of them.

But no, women, vote for these MISOGYNIST, racist, retrograde, reactionary, Republicans over, and over, election after election, again, and again, and in doing so they have placed the country firmly where it is today; in crisis; crisis with The Donald as president, and a Republican Senate, led by a wealthy foreign infiltrator, Moscow Mitch.






Three years prior to today, because of women, by a 4% majority, 48% to 52%, women elected The Donald president, empowered a Republican House, a Republican Senate, and Republican control of 67% of all State Houses and State legislatures in America. The amount of Republican Control of the American landmass, county, by county, was staggering, staggering; 98% of America, by plurality, went for Trump.


That number of majority women that supported the Trumpster again:


That’s right, 52% of all women voted for Trump.



Had the majority of women (who SUCK), voted the other way, for Democrats, the situation would have been different, but as before, for the almost 60 years of the Culture Wars, they did what they always do; they sucked.

And they voted Republican.

I don’t get it, I can list all of the vile actions perpetuated by the Republican Party against women as a class of society, and against specific women in general, and over, and over, and over again. And I have done just that previously, so I won’t do that now. Like those statistics (that I mentioned above), all of that is out there, and in detail. I have no need to repeat it. But it’s obvious to me, to all people who follow this stuff, that nothing has changed, women’s attitudes have not shifted. It’s all going down just as before.





Women suck!

It’s pretty apparent that the die is cast. I looked at the polling numbers all of last month, every day, on three different sites, and although the specific numbers might shift up a bit, or down a tad, the pattern…


Women Suck.

“El Trumpo the Demon of Washington” commands a 42% approval rating still, and a 52% disapproval rating nationally. In the generic ballot the misogynist Republican Party commands a 39.9 % approval rating where the Disastrous Democrats hold a 46.6 approval rating or a 6.7% advantage. All of those numbers are insufficient for change to occur; all of them.

America is a Federal system, where vote totals only matter in the local area, or state, where the vote was cast. So for change to occur in America, the sentiment to create it must be broad, sweeping even; like the “Blue Wave” that swept the Democrats back into power in the House in 2018. That means that the generic ballot difference has to be over 8% nationally for a possible shift in institutional control to occur. And that means that Mr. Trumpie has almost enough rabid, fervent, fanatical support to reign victorious again nationally in 2020, and that the misogynist, Senate reprobates, voiced by Moscow Mitch, have a huge advantage in maintaining control of the Senate.





Women Suck.

And why you ask?

Because if women en mass, had altered their misconceptions, conceits, stupidities, and prejudices against themselves and altered their consistent Republican voting predilections all of those numbers quoted above, all four of them, would have shifted already. Perhaps no number would have gone up by the full 4% (or down), I understand that’s not possible. But certainly if change were afoot, and the attitudes of women were shifting, even somewhat, those numbers would shift.

El Trumpo’s disapproval number would go up, his approval number down, and the generic Republican Party support figure down, as the generic support for the Democratic Party would go up. But nothing has budged for over a year.


Women suck.

You’d think that with no women as Committee Chairs in either legislative branch of Congress in 2016, the appointment, and approval of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, the intransigence of the Republican Senate leadership under Moscow Mitch to advance any equal pay for equal work, reproductive rights, or domestic abuse, legislation, and the rule of “Mr. Grab’em by the Pussy” Trump itself, you would have seen a reaction, some movement among women toward the Democrats in the generic vote certainly.

But no.

Women suck.

Uh-Oh, she’s moving towards the kitchen door with that knife in her hand.

I think I’ll take the dog for a walk.




They SUCK! 

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